We live in a world, where the swipe of a finger gives us all we need – food, transport, holidays, love and so much more. If we can’t have it in a matter of moments, we move on.

Penetration testing, while not as commoditised as some things in life, still serves a purpose people are no longer willing to wait for.

They want the simple question answering “If someone wanted to attack my business today, what damage would they do, how would they do it, and what would the impact be?”

What stops people from getting these answers, or only finding them out as infrequently as possible, is the cumbersome scoping calls, lengthy scheduling queues, time to deliver and complex, overly technical, intimidating, disheartening and confusing reports, in some cases arriving weeks or months after they decided to undertake the pen test.

This does not work for the modern day professional or organisation, nor should it.

For this reason, Amicis have released our Pen Testing as a Service (PTaaS) offering.

Effort calculated and commercials determined based on volume of IPs rather than day rate. Continually updated methodologies and approaches based on continuous feeds into our secops engine. Tests conducted in days with QA’d reports back to the client within the week. Pen Testing has officially entered the modern age, with the client in control of what is assessed, when it is assessed and how regularly it is assessed, with scalable delivery and commercial models to suit demands, complexities and budgets.

  • Continuous assessments give you real time visibility of your hacker-view threats, when you need it.
  • Meet compliance requirements and critical deadlines by having the test go live within minutes of authorisation.
  • Overseen by practitioners with decades of experience, certified by CREST using gold standard industry methodologies and aligned to the MITRE ATT&CK framework.
  • Overall delivery and reporting time reduces from days and weeks to hours and minutes – with the time and cost savings directly benefitting the end client.
  • This is not a vulnerability scan – this service performs exploitation and post-exploitation techniques to demonstrate to customers how successfully exploiting a vulnerability could potentially lead to further access to systems and/or confidential data leakage within their environment.


PTaaS is conducted regularly to suit your environment and budget – select the number of IPs you want testing, choose how regularly you want assurance of their resilience (quarterly, or monthly) and leave the rest to us.

PTOD makes sense if you have a very simple, very static environment which encounters little attention, but still needs testing to ensure it is free from common vulnerabilities and for compliance purposes, be they from a regulatory body or a concerned third party.

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