2i Testing and Amicis Form Product & Security Assurance Partnership

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Robert Wilson

2i Testing and Amicis form product and security assurance partnership  

2i Testing, the UK’s largest independent software and quality assurance testing business, and Amicis Group, leaders in the security automation space, have formed an alliance to establish an end to end software assurance and security service.  

The purpose of the partnership is to bridge the gap between the two industries and provide DevOps and governance through to security leaders with end to end certainty of the validity, efficacy, reliability and resilience of their products and services.  

Nick Ashton, CEO of Amicis commented “Too often in the cyber space our influence finishes at the resilience layer, without providing the fuller performance picture, reducing our opportunity to build value with key stakeholders outside of security.  By partnering with 2i, the best in the product testing space, we ensure the clients we collectively engage with receive a true picture of the state of their offerings, in turn leading to operational and commercial improvements.  There are some key areas already established where we can plug the gaps between the two sectors we represent and are excited about the joined up offering and support we can provide across the public and private sectors . 

We will be jointly hosting and exhibiting events in the north west and south east of the UK during the first half of 2023.  2i are establishing a presence closer to some of their clients in Manchester, which Amicis are facilitating.  We are also jointly exhibiting at the UK’s leading Defence Procurement and Supply Chain event – DPRTE in Farnborough at the end of March.”  

Established almost 20 years ago, 2i have offices in London, Edinburgh and Glasgow and are specialists in the following areas:  

Agile Testing, Performance Testing, Accessibility Testing, DevOps, Integration Testing, User Acceptance Testing, Operational Acceptance Testing and Test Governance.  

For further information, please visit www.2itesting.com and www.amicisgroup.co.uk  

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