CTS Hack – Guidance For Legal And Conveyancing Firms

27th November 2023
Following the news in the past few days of the cyber attack on CTS, we have outlined some key points on what has happened and critically what you should do if you are concerned about the impact of this incident.
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NCSC’s Annual Report – What You Need To Know

15th November 2023
Following the National Cyber Security Centre’s ( NCSC ) latest annual report, we review the outputs and highlight areas both business and security leaders need to be mindful of in their resilience planning.
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Helping Businesses Achieve Cyber Essentials

2nd November 2023
JMM successfully achieved both their Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials PLUS accreditations at the first attempt. The time taken by Amicis and JMM’s IT Partner, and the trial assessment done ahead of the actual audit, meant further costs of re-test and added time was avoided. This meant accreditation was achieved ahead of key deadlines set as part of the Public Sector commercial contract commitments.
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Don’t Be Scared – Embrace Cybersecurity

30th October 2023
In today's digital age, the term "cybersecurity" has become a buzzword, often associated with fear and uncertainty. Many people are apprehensive about the security of their personal and professional information in the face of cyber threats. While it's crucial to be aware of the potential risks, it's equally important not to succumb to fear. In this article, we will explore why you should not be scared of cybersecurity and instead embrace it as a vital part of our interconnected world and a key enablement pillar for your organisation.
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SMB’s Struggling With Pace Of Change

18th October 2023
Following a research publication by Sage last week, some stark key findings highlight the growing challenges SMBs are facing in keeping up with and managing threats to their digital estates.
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Insider Threats In Your Organisation

5th October 2023
In today's interconnected digital world, businesses face an increasing array of cybersecurity threats, and among the most challenging to combat are insider threats. Insider threats are potential risks posed to an organisation's security by its own employees, contractors, or business partners who have authorised access to the company's systems, networks, and data.
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PTaaS Use Case – Housing Associations

28th September 2023
If you work in the Social Housing sector, considering the use of penetration testing to enable other business activities, or struggling to secure a cyber insurance policy for your organisation, reach out to Amicis for a conversation
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NorthCap Enters The Private Equity Arena

14th September 2023
NorthCap Cyber, a Private Equity focussed practice and partner organisation of Amicis officially launches its market offering. Crafted to harmonise with the complete investment lifecycle, our Portfolio Company Cybersecurity Assessment Program minimises potential risks to portfolio value and profit, while delivering a clear, comprehensive view of cybersecurity maturity in an actionable and easily digestible format.
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Securing Medtech

7th September 2023
IOT security, and medical devices in particular, have come under intense scrutiny in recent years for the cyber risks that surround them. Given the nature of what they are responsible for, and the severe consequences of breaches to sensitive medical data, operating these devices requires considerable effort to mitigate the associated risks. In this article we examine some of the key risks and preventative actions to take to secure the technology, and those who are reliant on it.
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Penetration Testing – Why, When, How

31st August 2023
Penetration testing brings value and informs critical business decisions in a wide variety of scenarios. Below, we highlight several instances where utilising this service enables businesses to secure their key technology systems and thereby help fuel business innovation and growth.
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NIST Framework Updates

20th August 2023
Last week, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) released a draft version of their Cybersecurity Framework (CSF) 2.0. Below we analyse the changes, what they could mean for your organisation and the opportunities they present.
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Analysing The Impact Of DORA

17th August 2023
The Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA) has recently been released. We have looked at the problems it is helping infosec professionals solve and the opportunities it provides.
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New Modules Added To PTaaS

1st August 2023
Amicis are excited to add two new modules to our penetration testing as a service – web application and web services now sit alongside infrastructure testing and vulnerability scanning as service lines which can be scoped, scheduled, delivered and reported on in a fraction of the time compared to traditional methods of penetration testing.
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Dissecting The UK Cyber Skills Report 2023

28th July 2023
At the end of July, the Department for Science, Innovation and Technology (DSIT) and Ipsos published a report analysing the UK cyber security labour market. We explore key themes coming out of the report, specifically what a business who lacks the necessary cyber skills, knowledge or capability should consider in order to avoid missed opportunities as well as the operational pitfalls of not having these resources in-house.
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The Business Benefits of Penetration Testing

19th July 2023
As an increasing number of businesses take further steps up their cyber resilience ladder typically due to their growth, they eventually embark upon needing or wanting a penetration test. Below we explore some of the key benefits to organisations of conducting penetration testing “pen tests” regularly.
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Learning To Combat Cyber Threats

6th July 2023
With L&D organisations holding so much personally identifiable information, they are a highly attractive target for threat actors. Furthermore, for those operating in the funded learning or Apprenticeships space, there is an enormous level of auditing and compliance measures requiring continued maintenance.
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How Does PTAS Actually Work?

4th July 2023
As more of our clients move to adopting PTAS for their infrastructure testing due to its cost effective commercials, fast-paced delivery and ability to conduct more regular assessments, we deep dive into how the service works, and the value it is showcasing.
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The Penetration Testing Landscape in 2023

29th June 2023
Numerous tools have been introduced into the ethical hacking world over the years to aid a pen tester in their efforts and providing the end client with as much insight into their attack surface and value from the service as possible.
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Amicis Group listed in Techblast’s Manchester Startups 2.0

27th June 2023
Last week, Amicis were delighted to be listed in the first edition of Manchester Startups 2.0
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Building Beyond Cyber Essentials

21st June 2023
I have Cyber Essentials.  Now what?
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Protecting The Most Vulnerable

13th June 2023
In today’s threat landscape, many hackers will happily target those putting up the least resistance for the easiest gain. With charities, their resources and available budget to spend on cyber defences are often very low, making them a very easy target.
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Cyber Security In Recruitment

9th June 2023
What are the greatest cyber threats to a recruitment agency? Amicis Group takes a closer look at these threats and explains how to combat them
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The Latest Cyber Crime Trends

6th June 2023
The UK Government’s Department for Science, Innovation and Technology recently published the Cyber Security Breaches Survey for 2023
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Cyber Security In Small Business

2nd June 2023
Small businesses overlook the need for cyber security, or the risks that exists. Amicis takes a look at these risk and how to combat them
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Bringing Penetration Testing Into The Modern Day

23rd May 2023
Amicis are hugely excited to launch PTAS – Penetration Testing as a Service and PTOD – Penetration Testing on Demand.
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Secure Software Development

10th May 2023
What are the greatest threats facing software development firms?
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Cyber Security Events Review

3rd May 2023
April was a busy month for flagship cyber security events across the globe. We take a closer look at the key themes and learnings taken from some of events Amicis and partners attended
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Introducing Amicis Threat Defence – SecOps

24th April 2023
Amicis are proud to launch our multi-tenanted security operations service: Amicis Threat Defence – SecOps.
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The Digital Health of Healthcare

4th April 2023
Healthcare is one of the most prevalent sectors for cyber attacks. In recent years, the average cost of an attack has surpassed the $10M mark according to IBM Security
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Evolution of SOC Services

30th March 2023
The evolution of this security service has accelerated considerably over the past ten years. In this article, we examine the biggest changes in offerings and the features which have turned the art of security operations into being more proactive in identifying threats and pushing the boundaries around prevention and remediation of threats identified.
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Building Solid Security Foundations

20th March 2023
There has been a rapid rise in attacks targeting the construction industry over the past 5 years. How can the industry better protect itself?
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2i Testing and Amicis Form Product & Security Assurance Partnership

10th March 2023
2i Testing and Amicis Group, have formed an alliance in an end to end software assurance and security service.
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Securing Growth – From Partner To Portfolio

6th March 2023
What are the key cyber security threats facing private equity firms?
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Amicis Drives Growth Through Plexal Partnership

17th February 2023
2022 was a significant year for Amicis, thanks to the support and opportunities brought about by the membership of Plexal’s Launch and Grow programmes.
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Amicis Joins North West Cyber Security Cluster

16th February 2023
Amicis is pleased to announce its recent confirmation of membership with NWCSC.
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Amicis Establishes A New Home In Manchester

15th February 2023
Towards the end of 2022, Amicis were accepted onto the DiSH programme along with nine other cyber start-ups.
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Acacia Training Win AAC Apprenticeship Award

9th July 2021
We are delighted to announce our technical partners Acacia Training have won Apprenticeship Provider of the year 2021.
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A Catch-Up with Co-Founder Nick Ashton

5th July 2021
We sat and had a catch up with Co-Founder and Sales and Marketing Director Nick Ashton to explain his ideas on Amicis and the cyber industry.
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Amicis Group Become Tech Talent Charter Signatories

1st July 2021
Amicis group are pleased to announce that they have become a signatory for The Tech Talent Charter.
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