Understanding SMB Security: Insights from CrowdStrike and Amicis Group

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Nick Ashton

In the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity, small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) face significant challenges. According to Daniel Bernard, CrowdStrike’s Chief Business Officer, Managed Service Providers (MSPs) play a critical role in consolidating and managing cybersecurity for SMBs. MSPs not only distribute security services but also integrate various solutions, providing a cohesive defense against cyber threats. 

The release of CrowdStrike Falcon Go last year showed the necessity for SMBs to adopt robust cybersecurity measures. This AI-powered platform simplifies deployment and management, offering comprehensive protection against ransomware and data breaches with minimal technical expertise required​ (CrowdStrike)​. 

Robert Wilson, Managing Director of Amicis Group, emphasises the importance of and opportunity in cybersecurity for SMBs in the UK: “Cybersecurity isn’t just a technical requirement; it’s a business imperative. Protecting data and systems safeguards the trust and continuity that our clients rely on. With the release of services such as Falcon Go and NextGen SIEM from CrowdStrike not to mention an increasingly exciting roadmap, it has never been easier for SMBs to truly take ownership of their cyber risk and leverage these technologies to strengthen their digital presence in the process. This is why Amicis Group is in business – to support businesses in making this change without disruption to day to day activity.” 

Robert Wilson, Amicis Group MD.

Initial Steps for SMBs to Secure Their Business: 

  1. Assess Needs: Identify specific security needs and vulnerabilities. 
  1. Choose the Right MSP: Partner with an MSP that understands your business and offers integrated solutions. 
  1. Adopt AI-powered Tools: Utilise platforms like CrowdStrike Falcon Go for easy, effective protection. 
  1. Educate Employees: Ensure staff are trained on security best practices and threat awareness. 
  1. Implement Policies: Develop and enforce security policies and procedures. 

By taking these steps, SMBs can create a secure environment that allows them to focus on growth and innovation without the constant worry of cyber threats. If you are looking to understand where to start with proactively addressing your business’ cybersecurity and how to turn it from a risk which is not understood, into a true enabler for your organisation’s growth, contact the Amicis Group team here.

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