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We are your end-to-end cyber resilience specialists. With decades of industry experience, we offer a unique service across public and private sectors, which gives you peace of mind whilst using cyberspaces to grow, innovate and differentiate.

Damage from cyber attacks can often keep security leaders, government officials, and business owners awake at night.

You’re safe and secure from day one with Amicis, as we provide an in-depth report and remediation plan, which starts delivering protection within fifteen minutes of service go-live. Plus, with ongoing managed resilience and proactive threat hunting, those sleepless nights can be a thing of the past.

Amicis’ approach focuses on efficiency and automation, delivering results in minutes where it takes others months. Our customers can rest assured that their systems and processes will be uninterrupted, allowing normal operation while receiving maximum protection.

What we offer

Our service can be broken down into these key components

Managed Security

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Security As A Service

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Cyber Consultancy

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Security Maturity

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Redefining Managed Detection and Response

We can provide affordable security that has been tried and tested against the most rigorous of threats. We continue to develop our product by learning from the threats we identify.

Our Sectors

We understand that no two organisations are the same, and each client has a unique set of requirements for its security. Amicis begins to understand the way you work and your processes, creating a tailored and affordable solution for you.

Whether you’re an SME or an enterprise, we’ll give you the knowledge and support you need.

Our service is vital for all sectors. We pride ourselves on protecting businesses needing the highest level of compliance.

Supporting consultancies in embedding security in both their own and their clients’ planning ensures they are enabled for growth without cyber threats destabilising their plans. We work with professional service teams to get programmes from start to finish in a secure manner.
Supporting teams responsible for the protection of thousands of constituents with a limited budget, we start with critical issues and build a roadmap to cyber maturity from there.
In a high sensitive, data rich environment the need to live and breath compliance is critical - we ensure our services continually align those we work with to the standards they need to uphold.
These sectors align closely with cyber in their purposes and missions. Our focus is to enable our partners to win on the digital battleground which strengthens them even more in combat.
Sectors which hold large amounts of sensitive personal data whilst moving at a very fast pace need the assurance that attacks don’t put events, reputations and their future in jeopardy. Our focus here as their silent partner is to keep threat actors at bay, ensure data is protected and the technology they invest in to deliver world-class consumer experiences remains uncompromised.
Working with specialists in this field to ensure security is embedded into R&D programmes at the beginning enables greater efficiency in time and investment of funds into these programmes so deadlines are achieved without compromise.
One of the most targeted and highly regulated industries makes maintaining robustness against threats and compliance standards a never-ending challenge for security leaders. Through a blend of proactive managed security, automation and specialist consultants, we address the heavy lifting of standards maintenance so in-house teams can focus on growth and innovation.
With a heavy focus on PCI and other compliance standards, our approach here focuses on the protection of data and ensuring attacks are prevented to protect the financial position and reputation of partners in these fast-paced, highly competitive industries.
Working to safeguard IP and ensure funds do not end up used on emergency remediation or reparations following a breach due to ineffective planning at the beginning, our planning and maintenance of information security throughout the process ensures outcomes from these projects remain as planned at the beginning.
Some of the most high profile, costly and life threatening attacks have hit this sector. Our focus is on supporting digital maturity and transformation whilst ensuring threat actors are prevented from causing damage to the infrastructure and are unable to access highly sensitive data.
We do all we can to give back whilst ensuring one of the most vulnerable industries are enabled to fulfil their missions without the disruption of an attack and loss of funds as a consequence.

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News and updates

CTS Hack – Guidance For Legal And Conveyancing Firms

27th November 2023
Following the news in the past few days of the cyber attack on CTS, we have outlined some key points on what has happened and critically what you should do if you are concerned about the impact of this incident.
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NCSC’s Annual Report – What You Need To Know

15th November 2023
Following the National Cyber Security Centre’s ( NCSC ) latest annual report, we review the outputs and highlight areas both business and security leaders need to be mindful of in their resilience planning.
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Helping Businesses Achieve Cyber Essentials

2nd November 2023
JMM successfully achieved both their Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials PLUS accreditations at the first attempt. The time taken by Amicis and JMM’s IT Partner, and the trial assessment done ahead of the actual audit, meant further costs of re-test and added time was avoided. This meant accreditation was achieved ahead of key deadlines set as part of the Public Sector commercial contract commitments.
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Don’t Be Scared – Embrace Cybersecurity

30th October 2023
In today's digital age, the term "cybersecurity" has become a buzzword, often associated with fear and uncertainty. Many people are apprehensive about the security of their personal and professional information in the face of cyber threats. While it's crucial to be aware of the potential risks, it's equally important not to succumb to fear. In this article, we will explore why you should not be scared of cybersecurity and instead embrace it as a vital part of our interconnected world and a key enablement pillar for your organisation.
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SMB’s Struggling With Pace Of Change

18th October 2023
Following a research publication by Sage last week, some stark key findings highlight the growing challenges SMBs are facing in keeping up with and managing threats to their digital estates.
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Insider Threats In Your Organisation

5th October 2023
In today's interconnected digital world, businesses face an increasing array of cybersecurity threats, and among the most challenging to combat are insider threats. Insider threats are potential risks posed to an organisation's security by its own employees, contractors, or business partners who have authorised access to the company's systems, networks, and data.
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