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Our Story

Amicis Group is your dedicated Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP), committed to delivering end-to-end cyber resilience solutions. We help organisations of all sizes, from SMBs to large enterprises and government entities, effectively manage and mitigate cyber threats.

We have maintained our day one objective of simplifying all aspects of cyber security. We make it simple to understand, simple to buy and simple to consume.  We maintain our mission to reduce costs, onboarding and delivery time of cybersecurity services, allowing value to be quickly seen by the client without any degradation to the integrity of the service.

Simple to understand

simple to buy

simple to deliver

reduce costs

reduce delivery time

value quickly realised

Our Journey

Since launching we have grown to have 25 people now working in the business, with clients across more than 20 industries and bases in Europe and the US. Whilst at our core we remain focussed in small to medium sized business, we have delivered work in FTSE businesses as well as central government, NHS and the police. We are CREST accredited, sit on staple government procurement frameworks and listed as Crowdstrike’s premium UK delivery partner.

Whether you want a point in time understanding of threats to your organisation and how to prevent them, a clear roadmap to compliance against key legal mandates or 24/7 protection of your digital environment, we have the IP, IQ, experience, accreditations, toolsets and use cases to give you that assurance, securely enabling your innovation and growth. Amicis Group are your ally in cyber security.

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