Cyber Security Events Review

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Robert Wilson

April was a busy month for flagship cyber security events across the globe. We take a closer look at the key themes and learnings taken from some events Amicis and its partners attended:

CyberUK, 19-20 April, Belfast, Northern Ireland

Global co-operation was the opening talk of the event and remained a key theme throughout the event with a strong international presence felt across the two days. There are several challenges collectively felt across the globe and options to collaborate were established within talks, meetings and networking. Ransomware was a recurring topic alongside the impact Russia was having, plus financial and reputational damage and the key measures to deploy, including zero trust and PAM, to counteract these threats.

RSA Conference, 24-27 April, San Francisco, California, U.S

Unsurprisingly there were several talks on the value, use of and unknowns of AI and machine learning in cyber. While it is clear important strides are being made and problems addressed in the detection spaces, misinformation is still a big challenge to overcome. There were also talks on cloud security and governance. It is clear there remain many challenges in this space in understanding how to best approach this pillar in organisations’ transformation journey. Diversity remains a key topic of discussion and there is a clear collective commitment to continue to drive this critical issue within our industry across the globe.

The National Cyber Security Show, 25-27 April, Birmingham, England

The digital future was high on the agenda, the trajectory of the cyber landscape and how to be sustainable in approaches to security, considering leadership, tooling and techniques against the analysis of next generation threats and the role of the dark web. The recurring themes throughout these staple cyber events is one of collaboration, diversity and the need to futureproof capability, where practicable, to enable continued growth within the industry and protecting vital services for the wider world. With a busy schedule of events scheduled over the remainder of the year, these themes will no doubt continue to be championed and developed.

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