Amicis Group listed in Techblast’s Manchester Startups 2.0

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Robert Wilson

Amicis listed as one of Techblast’s Manchester Startups

Last week, Amicis were delighted to be listed in the first edition of Manchester Startups 2.0.  These 25 founder-led startups are not backed by venture capital. Bootstrapped, pre-seed or angel-backed, the enterprises are in the early stages of their journey and either building or harnessing a unique technology.

The nominations came from Techblast’s subscribers, key figures in Manchester’s tech scene and an array of incubators, accelerators and co-working spaces.  The range of challenges these businesses are addressing and scale of innovation adopted, makes us proud to be represented on this list and have so much IP and IQ on our doorstep.

Finance, Health, Media Production, Fashion, Travel, AI, Blockchain, Entertainment, Ecommerce, Education and Marketing are all industries represented by our fellow startups.

With the difference these businesses are making, many so early into their journeys, it is an exciting opportunity for collaboration.

The businesses recognised are below, with a full overviews listed here

  • Ascension-Q – automates the process behind clinical trials to speed up medical research.
  • Boodil – is a payments platform which aims to boost engagement between retailers & their customers.
  • Collctiv –  is an app that helps group organisers collect money.
  • Dap Dip Ltd –  is the production company behind hit podcast The Price of Football.
  • Digital Konnect –  is a modern platform to buy and sell technology businesses in the UK.
  • EZHR – offers a comprehensive platform featuring all the human resources documents a small business needs alongside bespoke HR advice.
  • Fassion –  allows people to discover products and interact with shoppable images and videos from independent brands and content creators on social media.
  • Flight Patrol –  offers a free compensation checker for delayed, cancelled or overbooked flights, which takes just 60 seconds and could see travellers entitled to up to £556 in compensation.
  • GigPig –  provides venues with a secure platform to discover, book and manage live music for up to 90% less than the standard industry cost – allowing them to showcase local artists – by cutting out third-party agents.
  • HACE –  Data Changing Child Labour, founded in 2020, aims to empower businesses to make timely and data-driven decisions to proactively tackle the disturbing problem of child labour in supply chains.
  • In-House Health –  promotes data-led workplace health via an app which tracks the wellbeing of staff and the impact of company investment into wellbeing initiatives.
  • INEVITABLE –  Providing AI development and consultancy services for firms of all sizes, it has a clear focus on helping early companies to establish ethical AI and data practices from the outset.
  • Lockular – provides a complete ‘Chain of Custody’ – proving how data has been accessed, by whom, when and with which application – the invention has applications anywhere requiring data security and in any regulated environment.
  • MAPT –  is a marketplace that offers a streamlined approach for the creation, discovery and monetisation of ChatGPT applications.
  • Mr Investa –  utilises technology such as live stream and virtual reality viewings to give clients insight into their potential purchases from a remote location.
  • NanoGraft –  is the startup behind a two-part wearable medical device which helps lower-limb amputees feel the ground when they walk.
  • Pet Trust UK –  prioritises animal welfare and secure transactions, employing advanced algorithms for a robust screening process to identify reputable breeders adhering to ethical practices thereby enabling responsible pet-buying and selling.
  • Piing –  The future of live events is mass-participation, with fans inside stadiums interacting digitally with others via devices while brands directly communicate with the highly connected crowd.
  • Plytime Learning –  aims to make personalised learning affordable and accessible to all.
  • Snippit – offers a smart mirror unlike any other. It has three unique features: patent-pending ClearScreen technology; a two-screen design – displaying entertainment at the top and peripheral advertising at the bottom – and full customisation for clients.
  • SoSquared –  connects brands with influencers and assist with content creation as marketing professionals pivoting away from traditional bloated agencies to more efficient tech alternatives.
  • SPLACE –  is a social network allowing people to place content anywhere on a map: from the real-time position of players in a game world – with screenshots and hints – to the actual location of a cyclist in the Tour de France.
  • Vulse –  uses AI to help users create LinkedIn posts based on industry, trends and relevance through a personal branding platform.
  • WhistleHQ –  is a ride-sharing platform featuring a ‘phantom phone network’ to make booking easy via automated phone call bookings.

We look forward to seeing the growth of these fellow start ups in the months and years to come.  Thanks once more to Techblast for recognising the work we’ve done to date and the mission we are on.

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