Managed detection and response (MDR) combines technology and human expertise to perform threat hunting, monitoring, and response. The benefit of Amicis managing MDR for your business is that we rapidly identify and limit the impact of threats without the need for an additional team.

We are redefining MDR services which allow us to provide affordable security that has been tried and tested against the most rigorous of threats. Plus, we offer a centralised platform that delivers visibility across our world-class detection, remediation and automation services.

At Amicis, we believe there is value in identifying threats and learning from them. We continue to develop our product by learning from the threats we identify.

We combine industry-leading, award-winning logging and detection technologies across EDR/XDR and SIEM/SOAR, with cutting-edge machine learning and seasoned industry professionals to learn and develop our services to make sure we’re always ahead of the threats.

Here’s how our Amicis Threat Defence offers much more than the typical SIEM platform

Amicis Threat Protection

Detail to Security without visibility is a guessing game, you cannot act alone or blind and expect to see issues. We apply Security analytics, AI and Machine Learning to all alerts.
Unique to us we have pre-compiled Frameworks and allows customers to run realtime reports to measure compliance
Automation built into the platform allows us to remediate issues and threats
We provide continual assessment allowing you to benchmark your environment against industry standards
We have prepopulated reports which allow you to run and understand your systems against the frameworks
Using our XDR agent allows you to have true defence in depth
We provide the full Professional Services elements to seamlessly integrate your systems and providing visibility within 15 mins
Combining the 2 elements of Cyber, providing a full visibility and remediation platform
Reducing the overall costs we are a fully cloud-provided hosted platform
Allow us to manage the platform on your behalf with our developers and SOC staff, reducing your overall costs and ensuring the latest releases are applied instantly
An open source Log compiler, allows us to integrate any system into our eco system with little to no interaction from the customer
Our engine provides the Security rules preconfigured highlighting Security issues out of the box
We have Vulnerability Scanning enabled out of the box, reducing the costs of a separate scanner and providing assurance of vulnerability exploitation
We have Dark Web Monitoring enabled across our platform with an easy-to-view reporting engine
Cloud and On-Premise Email Platforms integration is enabled out of the box and reporting engines built
Taking the endpoint rules further we look at all aspects of the endpoints and provide threat detection and threat hunting on all security threats
We support native cloud connections with simple onboarding
With our Network Scanning we enable Asset Discovery meaning there are no blind spots
Our Application engine integrates with end-user applications, monitoring for cyber threats and incidents
Our Platform and Teams work while you sleep to ensure your systems are protected at all times
Our Service Delivery Managers will host a monthly meeting and provide a deep-level analysis of your environment
As well as the visibility views, we will provide formal weekly and monthly reports allowing you to trend over time
At no additional cost, we provide the SOC service with a full 24x7/365 service, fully staffed by our engineers
Threat Hunting built into the platform and allows you to triage events, the level of attack, data exfiltration etc at the touch of a button
Our IR team provides you with help and assistance when you need it most, This approach is the final step when you have been the victim of a cyber attack

A typical SIEM

Most SIEM platforms will log on events that you have configured with no additional Asset discovery, The SIEM engines will correlate these events and display them in a readable, searchable view. An environment with a lot of events means there is a risk that high-severity events will be missed.
The majority of vendors have an additional licence to add automation to the platform. Once you have added the licence there is a typical onboarding period of approx. 6 months before this is usable. Our Automation platform is a multi-tenant sharing platform and is useable within 1 day.
The reporting module in most SIEM platforms will provide a point-in-time viewpoint. Our Reporting engine will allow you in real-time to assess and monitor your environment against industry standards such as HIPPA, PCI, GDPR, NIST etc and benchmark you against these standards.
No other SIEM platform provides you with a continual assessment platform as part of the solution. Our continual assessment platform which is enabled by default allows us to scan, assess and report on Cloud, On-Prem Networks and SAAS-provided platforms such as CIS benchmarks, O365 assessments, Azure, AWS and Google Cloud frameworks.

Amicis works with you to provide the assurance and protection that your business requires, with the correct controls in place to offer a safe and effective solution that reduces the risk of an incident occurring in the future.

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