18th October 2023

SMBs struggling with pace of change 

Following research published by Sage last week, some stark, key findings highlight the growing challenges SMBs are facing in keeping up with and managing threats to their digital estates. 

Following 2,100 online interviews with decision makers in SMBs with up to 499 employees, across nine countries, the key findings are as follows: 


Amicis’ Analysis 

This comprehensive research across multiple territories re-emphasises what has been recognised for a long time.  SMBs do not, nor should they necessarily posses the capability, tooling or foresight to address the threats facing them.  Cyber insurance continues to be a challenging field to settle on specifics of what can be insured, in given circumstances, and as technology is continually invested in to drive growth and innovation, the human side of cyber will remain the greatest area of weakness, with 95%+ of attacks still emanating from human error. 

The most logical approach SMBs can take is to establish a simple, cost effective understanding of their susceptibility to a cyber attack via regular penetration testing of their environment, supplemented by monitoring of their estate for any suspicious activity that can then be further investigated, delivered by a specialist cyber partner who should be making skills, knowledge, capability and behavioural transfer a staple of their service offering.  Finally, there should be a clear and concise, documented plan for what the business will do when an attack happens. All this serves to protect businesses against attacks, safeguarding their reputation, maintaining compliance; making their technology and people their greatest enablers for growth, innovation and differentiation rather than their weakest assets. 

Where do SMBs start? 

No two businesses are the same.  If you have concerns about your cyber health or simply looking to understand where to begin in addressing threats and securing your business, contact Amicis at hello@amicisgroup.co.uk or click here to arrange a call with one of our team to understand how we’re supporting people in the same spaces as you. 

For the full Sage report, follow this link https://www.sage.com/en-gb/company/digital-newsroom/2023/10/12/cyber-security-for-navigating-complexity-and-building-resilience/ 



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