Amicis Establishes A New Home In Manchester

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Robert Wilson

Towards the end of 2022, Amicis were accepted onto the DiSH programme along with nine other cyber start-ups.  The Greater Manchester Digital Security Hub is operated by partners selected by Manchester City Council – Barclay’s Eagle Labs operate the hub.  Plexal are the innovation partner whilst Lancaster University and Manchester University are the academic partners.  The site is located at Heron House in the centre of Manchester opposite the town hall. 

As well as receiving weekly support from subject matter experts on all aspects of start-up support and business growth, Amicis now have base to build their North-West presence in alongside other like-minded organisations determined to push the boundaries of an ever-evolving industry. 

While the DiSH programme comes to and end in February, our relationship and presence within the environment is here for the long term.  Amicis is grateful for a place on the programme, the learnings already taken and the growth opportunities which will come from being part of this ecosystem. 

Our recent demo day gave us the opportunity to showcase our business and make valuable connections with potential investors, partners, and customers as we progress beyond this programme. 

For those looking to capitalise on the value the DiSH innovation programme brings, their next cohort recruitment drive starts over the next few weeks.  The DiSH ambition is to create over 1,000 jobs in Greater Manchester and support 500 startups. 

Support the startups will receive includes:  

Free access to the DiSH workspace for the duration of the programme  

Investment readiness and funding support  

Business masterclasses  

One-to-one mentoring  

Pitch coaching  

Industry introductions  

Events with networking opportunities 

Special thanks to Stuart Nelson and Emma Marshall for the ongoing support throughout the programme.  The guidance and introductions offered have had a demonstrable impact on our progress during our time with DiSH. 

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