NorthCap Enters The Private Equity Arena

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Robert Wilson

NorthCap Cyber enters the Private Equity arena 

NorthCap Cyber, a Private Equity focussed practice and partner organisation of Amicis officially launches its market offering.  Crafted to harmonise with the complete investment lifecycle, our Portfolio Company Cybersecurity Assessment Program minimises potential risks to portfolio value and profit, while delivering a clear, comprehensive view of cybersecurity maturity in an actionable and easily digestible format. 

Through decades of experience working with, for and as board advisors to Private Equity houses and their portfolio companies, it has been clear for some time that the approach to risk assessment, prioritisation of security improvements and advising on investment decisions where multiple entities are involved, required a standalone approach to planning, operations, delivery and relationship success.  For these reasons, we are excited to launch this specialised practice as NorthCap Cyber, in partnership with Amicis and other key industry allies. 

If you work in Private Equity, Venture Capital or your business receives funding from these avenues, here is where we can deliver value to you: 

  • Visibility and context around critical investment risks. 
  • Data-lead cyber maturity score with measured, timely improvement plan. 
  • Alignment to industry recognised cybersecurity standards, ensuring prioritisation of activities and investments. 
  • Establishment and meeting of regulatory compliance requirements with a business context and value understood for the investment stakeholders 
  • Establishment and maintenance of a cyber incident response plan tailored to the organisation in question. 

Our end-to-end approach to risk assessment begins with an outside-in look at the threats or potential attack vectors available on the entity in question, providing critical insight for both the portfolio company on external risk and the PE House on investment decisions or merger and acquisition plans.  Following this, our review goes inside-out, taking a deep dive into the policies, procedures and overall health of an organisation’s digital environment, again forming a data-lead report for the business leaders at Board and operating level on where remediation and investment needs prioritising to make technology their greatest asset in enabling growth, innovation and differentiation as opposed to their potentially weakest asset and greatest reputational, operational, financial and legislative threat. 

Samuel Brown, Managing Partner and Co-Founder of NorthCap Cyber, discusses the opportunity this new practice presents for the Private Equity and Investment industries “At a time where digital transformation is at the forefront of business strategy, the Private Equity and Investment sectors require a nuanced approach to cybersecurity. NorthCap Cyber’s inception is a testament to our commitment to bridging the gap between investment goals and cybersecurity assurance. Our collaboration with Amicis and others amplifies our mission to provide a holistic, data-driven perspective on cyber risks, ensuring that investments are not only profitable but also secure. We’re not just offering a service; we’re pioneering a paradigm shift in how the investment community perceives and acts upon cybersecurity challenges.” 

Robert Wilson, Managing Director of Amicis Group and Executive Director of NorthCap Cyber, comments on this exciting new proposition and the importance of Samuel’s presence in the wider group “Northcap is a very exciting venture for Amicis and is a business that needed to be a standalone entity in order to service the specific cyber security needs of the Private Equity and Venture Capital space. Having an individual like Sam come onboard, with his expertise and sector knowledge made complete sense and further complements the experience and knowledge the team at Amicis has built up. I look forward to working with Sam and the wider team to build out Northcap’s unique offering and client base and I am very excited to see what the future has in store for Northcap. 

To find out more about our work in this space, or have a tailored presentation on our Private Equity offering at a time to suit you, please enquire at or  or click here to arrange a meeting.

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